@Questuslibris Allen Yang

Engl 137 provides 4 main types of media. And now I’ll present to you a very hands-on and easy-to-understand guide of how to get your hands on all of these resources. (In excruciating non-related details)

Texts(Herman Melville’s Pierre; Or the Ambiguities,  scrolls & the nature of the book):

1). Get a laptop or any smart devices that support internet browsing functionality(Smart phones, Tablets, Gaming consoles, Calculators). Preferably one with 32GB RAMs and an 4Ghz and above CPU, because of Pierre. You know, you need a powerful machine to handle all the ambiguity. Preferably a windows machine, because Apple has turned into a anti-consumer, greedy company with terrible product design and disastrous customer service. Let me tell you the one time I went to the apple genius bar because my screen started to go black out of nowhere while all the other functionalities remain functional. And the “genius” told me I had to pay for 1900 dollars to get it fixed, because the “specialist” can not find out what is wrong with my machine and the only thing they can do was to replace the entire motherboard with a new one. Because our product is very advance and delicate, so we can not fix it by parts. Because we have this obsession of thinness, we decided to make all our newest flagships thermal throttle with extremely unreliable keyboard and very limited I/O ports. So you are screwed either way. Because we are Apple and we “Think Different”, you, the customer, are f**ked.

If you choose to view the book via smartphone, i recommend you to get a Chinese brand smartphone(Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus). They build machines function well with a very low price compared to Samsung, Google and Apple. Take off your tin foil hat and ditch the spyware nonsense, that is just the Trump government’s way of protecting the US local market. Let me ask you one thing, if these smart phones was not produced and designed in China, instead say they are from Europe or Japan while remain the same price would you buy them? Probably yes, right? So there you go. Competition is not part of Chinese culture. One of the core concept of the Chinese culture is 和, which means peace and harmony. Why can’t we just stop picking fights with each other and make some money together, huh?  Americans loath the Chinese thinking we are the sheep who buys in whatever the government tells us. Come on you guys are exactly the same, the mass of the United States population is manipulated by the media. You let Trump become the president for God’s sake. We are all living in a society controlled by the 1 percent of the population. And to be honest, I believe the censorship of internet is quite necessary in China. The majority of the Chinese youth are way to ignorant and easy-to-manipulate to allow a free internet. Look at the teenagers in the United States. One day, I was in the check out lane of the Harris Teeter and a kid in front of me just started flossing out of no where. Freaking Fortnite.

2). Oh yes, the texts. Go to the class website.


Audio books(Night circus): Audible

TVs(The OA, Russian Doll): Netflix, duh.

Game(Life is Strange):Steam, because Epic Store sucks! Exclusives sucks ass!!!