How to take a UNC english course without touching a book! – Hayden Dewey #questuslibris

To all the mathematicians out there, like myself, who dread taking that english course for a Gen Ed requirement, here’s some advice to get you through it pain free: Take Literature in the Digital Age! The name of the course itself alludes to the fact that less reading will be required than your average english course at UNC. There’s no shame in admitting that most of us mathematics/statistics majors struggle to enjoy reading a book, touching a book, or even looking at a book. Well what if I told you can succeed in this course without encountering a book once in an extremely cost effective manner (I know how important that is to all college students). And as a stat major myself, what better way to guide a bunch of number fanatics through acquiring the texts for this course with an Excel spreadsheet. Hope you all enjoy exploring literature in the digital age as much as I did!

Excel Guide