Questus Librus – Noah Sayre

This is a chart made using the Google Charts API ( in order to represent how I gathered all the literary resources necessary for our class.  Now I will do a very brief breakdown of each category.

Sakai –  As displayed by the graph, a majority of our class resources were able to be accessed through Sakai.  This is good because Sakai is as we all know free and easy to access.  The only con I can see is that it is Sakai.

Apple iBooks – My accessing of Pierre through this resource was a personal  choice.  It gave me both a free platform and I did not mind reading the quasi pdf version of Pierre.

Online Resources  – Similarly as displayed by the graph this was another hot resource bed for our class.  It likewise has the similar pro of being free and and easy to access.

YouTube – Another personal choice as again it was free and in my opinion was an improvement to the audible app (I found it to be a bit buggy as far as going forward and back).

Netflix – Possibly my favorite media platform and who doesn’t have Netflix (or some way to get on an account) which basically negates any price negative.

Steam – This platform was only used to play Life is Strange, although in it’s short tenure it has easily elevated itself to my least favorite.  I originally thought price would be my issue with this but I actually ended up getting everything we need for under $5.  My main issue comes with when I play the game, as my laptop sounds like it is going to explode when it tries to run the game.