#questuslibris – Hannah Alphin

This class has shown me that storytelling can be experienced through a variety of mediums. For example, there are audiobooks, podcasts, interactive games, films, and TV shows.  I needed to obtain a number of resources for this course. I liked that we were not limited to one place to access the resources.

I accessed most of the content through the course website. This includes the short films, S-Town, and the Stranger than Fiction script. I borrowed Pierre; or, The Ambiguities from UNC Chapel Hill Libraries. I watched The OA and Russian Doll on Netflix. This was an easy resource to access because I used my family’s Netflix account. Initially, I planned on accessing The Night Circus through Audible. However, I decided to use a free version on YouTube that I liked.  I used Steam to play Life is Strange. I like Steam because it offers many deals and I was able to purchase the game at a discount as a result. Overall, I found the resources for this course easy to obtain and I liked that we had the freedom to choose what website or service we wanted.