The OA Review- Jackson Gutshall

The OA is a Netflix original that premiered in December of 2016. The premise is very interesting as it follows the incredible story of a girl named Prairie, who was once blind but has now regained her sight after going missing for 7 years. Prairie refuses to tell her story to anybody except for a few high school students and one of their teachers who are all experiencing their own difficulties in their lives. Prairie and her friends meet at night at an abandoned house to let Prairie tell her story.  Prairie’s story is incredible as she has had numerous near death experiences in her life time and she develops a very deep connection with these experiences. While being held captive by mysterious Dr. Happ, Prairie and four other prisoners work to break out and figure out the secrets behind death. They begin to learn symbols that correspond with moving around realms, and their story becomes spectacular as they do everything they can to save one another and escape their captivity.

I thought The OA was an outstanding show and that Netflix once again hit it out of the park with a new original. The OA has tremendous depth to it as the characters have genuine love for one another. Prairie forms a deep connection to both her fellow prisoners while being held captive as well as her new friends that she reveals her story too. The depth of the characters added an amazing sense of authenticity to the show.  Another reason the show was incredible was because of its very diverse character selection. The characters in the show are all going through something difficult in their lives that make them very easy to connect with for the viewer. Having characters struggle with problems that every day people face such as losing a love one, or stressing about college makes the show seem extremely deep and authentic. The diversity of problems facing the characters also make the show easy to connect to for all different kind of viewers.

The overall concept of the OA was also something I really enjoyed. I thought that the show really showed what the power of love can do. It showed that if you love people and listen to what they have to say you can form deep connections with people. I thought it also showed how important it is to have support when you need it. The group of students and Prairie all needed to be heard, and all needed someone in their lives to love and support them. They were all able to provide that love and support to one another, and were all stronger people in the end for it.

One more intriguing story line of the OA was the overall idea of belief. Prairies story is spectacular, so spectacular that it is very hard to believe. Although I always wanted to believe Prairies story in hopes she was telling the truth, sometimes I found it difficult. Prairies new friends also found her story difficult to believe at times and at one point near the end of the show they actually complete doubt her. Even though they doubt her however, they come together to stop a school shooting by using the symbols Prairie taught them to distract the shooter. This is an incredible revelation of the show as it shows that love and human connection can trump truth. I think what this says about belief is remarkable and can really help some people learn how to listen to people. Everybody has their own truth, and it is important everybody feels their own truth will be heard and responded to.

The OA was an incredible production that combined an exciting fiction story line, with real every day problems people have creating an incredible blend of the two genres. I think people can learn real lessons from the OA, such as that it is important to listen to others and provide support for them because you never know what they could be going through.

Another Netflix original, another great production. My final rating of the OA is 4.5 out of 5 stars, I cant wait for season 2 on March second!