The OA Questus Review – Lindsey Senatore #questusreviewus

Alright alright alright. I have seen far too many negative reviews about the OA and I am here to set the record straight: THE SHOW DESERVES A CHANCE. Why? I LOVED it. My family members watched it and enjoyed it as well. So, this should show to you that although you might dislike it, you could also LOVE it…and isn’t that possibility alone worth giving the show a shot rather than listening solely to the negative reviews? If you’re still unsure, keep reading and I will do my best to convince you of why this show rocks.

First of all, it was confusing and mind boggling in the absolute BEST WAY.

This was my face throughout each episode:

I saw many reviews complaining about how much confusion there was and lack of character development, but the lack of details and explanations in certain areas is what allowed for 1. The viewers’ imagination to add more exciting elements as they filled in gaps for themselves / continued to speculate AND 2. allowed for certain plot lines to remain open to delve into further in another season (if everything was answered and explained, there wouldn’t be much left to keep the viewers wanting more!)

The confusion I felt through watching the show is what made it so fun and kept me eager to watch the next episode each and every time.

FURTHERMORE, the plot line was extremely unique. It took the concept of other worldly dimensions to a whole other level than I think any other show/movie has ever taken it to before. Therefore, this brought novelty to the show.

So far I hope you understand that the story line and style of the show brought the element of originality, suspense, mystery, supernatural aspects, and excitement all TOGETHER into ONE SHOW.

Without giving too much away, I will say that one of my favorite additions to the show is OA’s premonitions and how we see them come together as the series continues until OA officially understands the meaning. So, if you choose to watch this show (and I hope you do), I suggest you remember those premonitions throughout and try to depict them for yourself for added fun to see if you can figure it out!

Another aspect that added originality to the show is its addition of the story of friendship and the bond it brings. It’s endearing to watch. OA finds 4 other people to help her all so that she can find her old friends to help them and through it all these new people become so bonded as well and it’s beautiful to watch it progress. OA comes from a crazy background, but the people believed her, trusted her, and learned from her which ultimately led to them saving others and helping OA in the end to get to the other dimension she was trying to get to (I believe)…but we will have to watch season 2 to know for sure. So hurry up, take my advice and watch season 1 so you can be ready to binge season 2 when it comes out on March 22nd!