#QuestusLibris – Lindsey Senatore “Blog”

Hey hey hey readers! It’s me again, Lindsey, your favorite blogger back with some opinions I’m ready to share!
As you all know, technology is everywhere and it gives us so many new opportunities and choices of ways to access readings of all different kinds! So many choices….it’s almost overwhelming.
Imagine you’re assigned to read a book for your English class. What do you do?

Buy a physical copy at the book store?
Buy and download it to your kindle?
Buy an online version?
Buy an audio book version?!

Buy…okay I’m actually going to stop here because I think these are the MAIN choices you have and you get my point, it’s a lot. No worries, you don’t have to determine at this moment what you’d choose. However, I definitely suggest it’s something you think about now.

For me,
I have, at different times, resulted on each of these different options. I cannot say one definite answer of one method I like better than another. It is not easy peasy black and white like that. For me, it a lot of it depends on 1. Price (I cannot lie) 2. The genre of book and 2. What my intention behind the read is and 3. Does one method offer benefits over another based my current schedule?

So, when we had to read Melville, I immediately went for the cheaper ebook option and definitely regretted it. I realized that although I let price dictate that choice, I should reconsider in the future because it is VERY hard to read a story book online because they are meant to be invested in.
I also wish I had went to the library to read Poe’s ‘The Man of The Crowd,’ rather than reading it online because I much prefer reading ANY story book in the physical form because I can get comfortable and just really dive in!
The nigh circus. We were instructed to listen to it, but I am happy I did because based on my scheduled at the time, it was much more efficient to be able to listen to it because I had a lot of driving to do at that time and I could just put it on while I was in the car. Wow! 21st century is neat!!!! Driving an reading simultaneously?! Insanity!
I need to make side comments though and say, if we were to be instructed to go buy a nonfiction textbook…I would easily decide to buy it online because it is significantly easier to study that way as I can use the search tool to quickly find terms I need to review.

So! As you can see, my friends, there are actual solid reasons you should have before choosing the medium you want to consume your book in. Do not be like me prioritize price and not consider the full picture of all pros and cons. If you have to read a story, choose the method that you think will enable you to enjoy it most…because if you enjoy it, isn’t that priceless 😉