#questus libris Priyam Patel

My English 137 Guide for a Broke College Student

Step 1: Channel inner desire to acquire required texts for the class for as cheap as possible

Step 2: Check Sakai or the class webpage (http://exlibris.web.unc.edu/assigments/) for to links to required short readings for free (“Books and Scrolls,” “Nature of the Book,” “The Printing Press as an Agent of Change,” “The Man of the Crowd,” “Visual Culture and the Word in Poe’s The Man of the Crowd,” “Listening to Audiobooks is Just as Good as Reading,” “The Rise of Speed Listening,” “Games Telling Stories: A Brief Note on Games and Narratives). In addition, videos can be found in the calendar tab on the main website for the class next to the date it needs to be watched by (“The Eagleman Stag,” “Snooze Time,” “Cargo”).

Step 3: Check Project Gutenberg for a free downloadable copy of Herman Melville’s Pierre; Or the Ambiguities

Step 4: Find Night Circus audiobook for free on YouTube

Step 5: Use your own Netflix account (or your ex’s Netflix account, your choice) to watch The OA and Russian Doll

Step 6: Find link to Stranger than Fiction screenplay for free on Sakai

Step 7: Listen to S-Town podcast on the podcast app on iPhones

Step 8: Find someone you know who already owns a download of Life is Strange or buy it off steam when it is on sale

Step 9: Enjoy the course!