Questus Libris

Getting the Books: A Collection of Reviews


The Class Website (

I got most of the texts from this source. Fantastic.

Score: 10/10

Sakai (

Honestly, it worked perfectly, but I have to dock a few points because it’s Sakai.

Score: 1/10

S-Town (

The website doesn’t allow you to play/pause the podcast with the transcript open. This wouldn’t be a problem if the transcript saved your position, but closing and reopening the transcript always brings you back to the top of the text. On the other hand, very pretty website.

Score: Please scroll to top of page to see score

Audible (

I forgot to unsubscribe after my free trial and was charged an extra month.

Score: -$15 (+tax)

Netflix (

My roommate says he does not appreciate all of the new suggested shows he’s receiving on his account.

Score: >:(

Is There Any Deal ( and GG.Deals (

Great sites for tracking deals on video games. Unfortunately, the publishers of Life is Strange are flooding the markets with different versions/editions/bundles. This makes it a little tricky to find the correct text when searching for deals.

Score: 93/100 (Total Score), 5.5/10 (Home Page), 8.0/10 (Search Function), 3.22/5 (Design and Art Direction), 5/7 (Deals)