questus libris Julia Brazer

I acquired texts many different ways. The first few readings of Stallybrass, Johns, Eisenstein, Poe, and Haye’s, I had read off of my classes website that my professor provided online. I accessed Pierre; Or, the Ambiguities by an online format provided to me through my professors webpage as well. Reading the online version of this book was a tad bit strenuous due to the many pages and small text. The next text’s that were required for this course included two short videos called “The Eagleman Stag,” “Snooze Time,” and “Cargo.” I accessed these three videos via youtube and vimeo, which were links all provided as well on the class site, but there were all also accessible through a google search. Listening to The Night Circus, there were many options. I chose to listen to this audiobook on youtube. The audio clips are separated into multiple youtube videos and took about 20 hours to complete, although it took me about 14 because I had listened to it at an increased speed. The two television shows that were assigned, The OA and Russian Doll, were available for streaming on Netflix. The Movie of Stranger Than Fiction, was played in class and the screenplay required to accompany this text I got to through googling the title and reading it online. The podcast that we listened to “S-Town,” I listened to on Audible. Although I had not started the last assignment, I will access it through a online gaming website called “Steam.”

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