Wei Chee Chen’s Review of The OA Season 1 #questusreviewus

The OA is a mystery television show with a little bit of fantasy, romance, and science fiction. Overall, I really enjoyed watching the entire television show, so much that I ended up binge watching the show on top of a busy college student schedule during the school week. I loved how they added the supernatural elements throughout the show, starting off with Prairie Johnson receiving her eyesight back. I also enjoyed the way the directors depicted Hap’s crazy addiction and research to figure out more about the people that have near-death experiences (NDEs).

The show started off mysterious that kept me wondering what happened to Prairie’s eyes and why she was missing for so many years. The beginning of the show piqued my interest—something most shows don’t do since plots usually take too long to develop—by including Prairie’s first story about her childhood and how she lost her eyesight in Russia in the first episode. In the middle of the season, when Prairie tried to drug Hap, my heart was beating so fast. This part was filmed very well, evoking emotions that sided with Prairie when she was trying to put the crushed up sleeping pills into the stew. Another part of the show I enjoyed was when Alfonso found the books in Prairie’s room. I felt as distraught as the characters in the show, but I wouldn’t accept that Prairie’s stories were all lies and that she was just recovering from being locked up for eight years.

One part I didn’t enjoy was how they portrayed Prairie’s near-death experience; it seemed very inconsistent compared to the rest of the show. The colors were completely different with the neon purples, blues, and pinks against a black background. When Prairie swallowed the creature from the pond, it was glowing into bright lights even as the creature went down her throat. Although the near-death experience is part of the fantasy aspect of the show, the other captured people’s NDEs looked very realistic such as Homer swallowing a fish without anything glowing out of his body. I like how the directors ended the show with a mystery on whether she traveled to a different dimension or not, except watching the trailer to the second season immediately after gave away the ending to the first season.

The ending needed work as well, and other characters needed more development. The ending seemed rushed and unrealistic with the school shooting, why the kids and BBA suddenly started dancing, and how the bullet ended up hitting Prairie. Out of the five kids and BBA, Buck’s and Jesse’s story needed more development on their current situation. For Jesse, I knew his parents weren’t around and that he was a stoner, but I wanted more characterization.

I would definitely recommend this show for people to watch if they like mystery with a little science fiction. After getting through the first two episodes, I think those watching will want to keep watching to just figure out the ending. The plot is unique and creative, and I think the show is worth a watch.